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A Short Introduction to Formal Discourse Analysis

Thomas Walsh, Louisiana State University (Retired)

1998, 107 pages, photocopied, stock cover, illustrated, $9.95 (list). ISBN 0-9644636-5-2. Answer Book available.

  • Covers formal relation among propositions, sentences, and speech acts.
  • Covers formal properties of conversational exchanges and other discourse types.
  • Analyzes sample discourses including abstracts, plot summaries, poems, prose, conversations, lectures, tales, narratives, jokes, and letters.
  • Short chapters: average length 15 pages.
  • Over 100 individual exercises and problem sets.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Propositions
Chapter 3: Speech Acts
Chapter 4: Association Rules
Chapter 5: The Exchange
Chapter 6: Discourse Structure
Chapter 7: Discourse Classes