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Writing for Academic Publication: A Guide to Getting Started

Frank Parker, Louisiana State University (Retired)
Kathryn Riley, Illinois Institute of Technology

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Writing for Academic Publication provides down-to-earth advice on writing and publishing book reviews, abstracts, conference papers, and articles, as well as on the publication process. It analyzes numerous examples of both successful and unsuccessful writing. This book can be used by a variety of readers, ranging from advanced undergraduates to graduate students to junior faculty.

From reviews of the 1st edition:

"Clear, practical, and concise . . . . The authors' friendly advice will be a boon to junior scholars and university departments planning courses that teach not only the content of their field, but also the process of succeeding in the academic world." Journal of Technical Writing and Communication

"Ideal textbook for graduate seminars that emphasize professional preparation . . . . Clear as crystal . . . . Meaty how-to chapters . . . . Even tenured, prolific professors can learn something from Parker and Riley's heuristics." American Dialect Society Teaching Newsletter

  1. Introduction
  2. The Book Review
  3. Time Management
  4. The Abstract
  5. The Conference Presentation
  6. The Response Article
  7. The Research Article
  8. Introductions
  9. Examples
  10. Quotations
  11. Figures
  12. Metalanguage
  13. Conclusions
  14. Submitting Manuscripts for Publication
  15. Conclusion