Document Design for Writers

Document Design for Writers

Martha Sammons, Wright State University

2007, 159 pages plus CD, paper, illustrated, $40.95 (list). ISBN 0-9767180-4-9.

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Document Design for Writers is a short, simple text for teaching students the basic principles of document design. It’s perfect for an introductory document design course or as a supplementary text in writing courses. Chapters are organized around major strategies for improving the design of text and graphics on the page and screen. Each chapter contains dozens of clear, usable tips to help students improve their skills immediately. Each tip is illustrated by both positive and negative examples. Includes a CD with dozens of exercises relating principles to sample projects such as newsletters, brochures, and other common documents.FEATURES:Ten self-contained chapters, plus overviews of layout techniques and design principlesOver 100 self-study questions, with answers on separate pagesCD with dozens of exercises and projects, keyed to specific chapters in the bookHundreds of sample graphics and illustrations

Document Design for Writers: Table of Contents

Overview of Layout Techniques
Overview of Design Principles
1. Starting the Design Process

Planning, Chunking, and Organizing
2. Using White Space
Setting Spacing
3. Establishing Consistency
Grids, Columns, Templates, and Styles
4. Positioning Information
Placement and Alignment
5. Labeling
Headings, Hierarchy, Captions, Icons
6. Listing
Bulleting and Numbering
7. Using Fonts
Terminology and Classification
8. Emphasizing
Highlighting and Enhancing
9. Showing Relationships
Grouping, Separating, Comparing, and Contrasting
10. Using Color
Selecting Color, Black & White

Includes Quizzes, Glossary, Index, and Quick Reference Guide.

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