Revising Professional Writing in Science and Technology, Business, and the Social Sciences, 4th edition

RPW cover
Revising Professional Writing In Science and Technology, Business, and the Social Sciences, 4th edition

Kathryn Riley, Illinois Institute of Technology (Professor Emerita)
Kim Sydow Campbell, University of North Texas
Alan Manning, Brigham Young University
Frank Parker, Louisiana State University (Retired)

2015, 246 pages, paper, spiral bound, perforated pages, illustrated, $39.95 (list). ISBN 13: 978-0-9767180-6-2.
Answer Key available to instructors adopting text.

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Revised and expanded edition of Revising Technical and Business Writing, praised as “Strunk and White for technical and business writers . . . . excellent integration of linguistic and rhetorical principles.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication

Revising Professional Writing is an affordable textbook for courses in scientific and technical writing, business writing, and other types of advanced writing. Each chapter explains principles for revising or editing a single feature of a draft. Students then solve revision and editing problems in the applications section of each chapter.

–Over 400 revision and editing problems covering rhetorical context, development, organization, style and tone, and mechanics.
–Problems range from sentences and paragraphs to 11 full-length texts.
–Examples from a variety of texts: memos, letters, résumés, proposals, instructions, definitions, and reports.
–All revising and editing problems drawn from the actual writing of college students.
–Self-contained chapters, allowing flexible use with other textbooks.

Revising Professional Writing: Table of Contents


Part I. Rhetorical Context
Chapter 1. Analyzing Purpose
Chapter 2. Analyzing Audience

Part II. Development
Chapter 3. Revising Informative Prose
Chapter 4. Revising Persuasive Prose
Chapter 5. Revising Graphics

Part III. Organization
Chapter 6. Revising Placement of the Bottom Line
Chapter 7. Revising for Paragraph Unity
Chapter 8. Revising for Cohesion
Chapter 9. Revising to Build Transitions
Chapter 10. Revising Format to Unify Text

Part IV. Style and Tone
Chapter 11. Revising for Conciseness
Chapter 12. Revising for Parallel Structure
Chapter 13. Revising Active and Passive Voice
Chapter 14. Revising Word Choice
Chapter 15. Revising to Improve Tone

Part V. Punctuation and Grammar
Chapter 16. Editing Punctuation
Chapter 17. Editing Sentence Fragments
Chapter 18. Editing Modifiers
Chapter 19. Editing for Subject-Verb Agreement
Chapter 20. Editing Pronoun Reference
Chapter 21. Editing References to Other Sources

Longer Texts for Revision
Appendix 1. Memo to Residents
Appendix 2. Chris Montoya’s Job Application Letter
Appendix 3. Brian Carter’s Job Application Letter
Appendix 4. Brian Carter’s Résumé
Appendix 5. A Definition of Aphasia
Appendix 6. Clinical Guidelines for Electrosurgery
Appendix 7. Research Proposal on “Drainage Problems at Hamlin Park”
Appendix 8. Executive Summary on “ProWear Shoes”
Appendix 9. Report on “Improving Employee Training at Becker Foods”
Appendix 10. Report on “Security Methods for Ashley’s Clothing Store”
Appendix 11. Proposal to Study the Effect of the Garlic Mustard Plant


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