Thinking and Interacting Like a Leader

Thinking and Interacting Like a Leader: The TILL System for Effective Interpersonal Communication, 2nd ed.

Kim Sydow Campbell, University of North Texas

“A brief but detailed approach to extremely effective communication….so many excellent examples and fun exercises.” Technical Communication

2015, E-book. $29.95 (list). ISBN 0-9767180-7-9. Available at Google Play.

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This text is designed to help managers become better leaders by communicating effectively with members of their organization. The TILL system introduced in this book focuses on interpersonal communication skills needed for effective written, electronic, and face-to-face interactions.

“I use TILL to communicate with my two legal assistants on a daily basis. I try to make sure they feel they are in my in-group and they can discuss anything with me.” ––S. Baitty, Attorney
“I am very happy to have had the opportunity to learn the TILL system. Now I have a structural framework to reference when deciding on a course of action.” ––B. Langford, Human Resource Specialist
“The TILL system is simple enough to learn well, but detailed enough to really be of significant value.” ––L. Meade, Industrial Engineer

–Twelve chapters with two in-depth application exercises per chapter––one analyzed for students, the other for practice, homework, or quizzes.
–Extensive analysis of memos, emails, letters, performance evaluations, and leader-member conversations.
–Annotated bibliography and suggested readings at the end of each chapter.

1. Introduction
2. Organization Purpose and Manager Actions
3. Leader-Member Relationship Quality
4. Member Ego Needs and Manager Actions
5. Member Autonomy Needs and Manager Actions
6. Thinking Like a Leader
7. Going On Record Plainly to Manage Rapport
8. Going Off Record to Manage Rapport
9. Tending Ego Needs: Going On Record Politely to Manage Rapport
10. Tending Autonomy Needs: Going On Record Politely to Manage Rapport
11. Interacting Like a Leader
12. Conclusion
Includes References, Answers to Selected Exercises.

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