A Short Introduction to X-Bar Syntax and Transformations, 2nd edition

A Short Introduction to X-Bar Syntax and Transformations, 2nd edition

Thomas Walsh, Louisiana State University (Retired)

“Walsh’s slim but comprehensive text offers the beginning student of current syntactic theory an accessible and useful foundation….Plenty of example data and trees….teachers will find the book a concise, well-developed addition….” Language

2000, 119 pages, paper, illustrated, $17.95 (list). ISBN 0-9644636-8-7. Instructor’s Manual available.

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This short text is an absolute prerequisite to understanding Chomsky’s minimalist program. It conveys the essence of generative theory in language clear enough for a novice to understand. This text stands in sharp contrast to typical syntax texts, many of which are more like encyclopedias than texts and stretch to more than 600 pages.

Walsh’s text explains the motivation for X-bar treatment of all phrase types (NP, VP, AP, PP, IP, and CP) and for four transformations (WH-Movement, NP-Movement, V-to-I Movement, and I-Movement).

–Six short chapters: average length 20 pages.
–Chapter summaries.
–Over 70 individual exercises and problem sets.
A Short Introduction to X-Bar Syntax and Transformations: Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Phrase Structure Rules
Unconscious Knowledge
Phrase Structure Rules

Chapter 2. Noun
The NP Rules
Noun Specifiers

Chapter 3. Other Phrase Types
Adjective Phrases
Verb Phrases
Prepositional Phrases

Chapter 4. The Phrase Structure of Sentences
The Sentence as an Inflection-P
The Nature of I
Complementizer Phrases

Chapter 5. Transformations
V-to-I Movement
I Movement
WH Movement
WH Movement in Other Constructions

Chapter 6. NP Movement
Levels of Representation
NP Movement from Other Positions
The Interaction of Transformations


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